What Should I Do After The Silk Scarf Is Folded?

- Feb 06, 2021-

If the silk scarf is not stored and maintained when it is placed, it is easy to wrinkle when it is taken out in the next year, which will greatly affect the appearance, but if it is used incorrectly, it is easy to cause certain damage to the silk material. For this reason, our silk scarf manufacturer Longxiang Textile will give you some solutions after the silk scarf is wrinkled.

1. The silk scarf feels hard. It is recommended to soak it with a clothing care agent for about 3-5 minutes, and dry it in the shade to solve it;

2. Rinse the silk scarf in clean water, the water temperature is below 35 degrees, pay attention to the water over the scarf. Then use soft detergent or special wool detergent;

3. Rinse gently, be careful not to scrub, use squeeze wash, avoid twisting, squeeze to remove water, spread out in the shade or fold in half to hang in the shade, wet or semi-dry plastic, can remove wrinkles;

4. Folding, hanging or rolling up when it is usually placed can prevent the wool scarf from wrinkling. You can also use steam ironing or ironing with low-temperature cloth ironing;

5. Use softeners (the reason for the hardening of dog skins is due to the hardening of the nitrate. There are also some more troublesome methods (it is not as convenient to buy softeners directly, and professionals must deal with them) such as: alum water (500 grams) If you test 5 grams in water and 10 grams of alum), moisten the leather board, dry it and rub it evenly to restore its softness.