How To Wear Silk Scarves To Show More Feminine Charm

- Jan 28, 2021-

Silk scarves have always been considered by fashion tycoons to be the most feminine item. For people who truly love beauty, silk scarves are like clothes and shoes, and they are essential accessories. The charm brought by silk scarves is unimaginable to many people who have not been exposed to it, and how to show these charms can be written as a fashion book. So if you don't know how to match silk scarves, why not come and see how these fashionistas match them?

Look1: silk scarf + neck


The original existence of silk scarves was tied around the neck to protect against the cold, but the changes in fashion eventually evolved into ornaments. The empty neck is not so monotonous because of this small polka dot silk scarf, and it also adds a playful and retro feel.

The bright printed silk scarf is very public and has retro beauty, so it is very suitable to match with dark-toned clothing, especially the details of this dress also reveal a sense of retro, so it is very harmonious. And the bow tie method gives the whole look a little girly.

The same is a bow tie. The bow tie made of this long ribbon is more student-like, making people involuntarily think of the bow tie of the school uniform. The black and red striped bow tie and the red and white diagonal striped dress are particularly elegant and full of high-end!

Look2: silk scarf + hair band


I have to say that the development of silk scarves into hair accessories is also a great progress. The black silk scarf is printed with white patterns. It is actually a very simple style, but after being tied into a headband, it plays a super decorative role, especially the knotted tail, which is especially cute and playful.

The choice of silk scarf needs to be combined with your overall shape and hair color. Too bright hair color with bright silk scarf will be very cumbersome. And this printed silk scarf is very retro and elegant, so it is very suitable for golden or brown hair color, beautiful and generous.

As a headband, the silk scarf will be less oppressive and more comfortable. The shredded hair also becomes playful and will fly out of the gap, but it is such a messy shape that looks very elegant, and with this silk scarf, it is really a goddess!

As a headband, the plain silk scarf is also very beautiful and looks cleaner and simpler. If you put aside the silk scarf, this hairstyle is actually very ordinary, but with the blessing of the silk scarf, it instantly becomes advanced, and the drooping silk scarf tail, doesn’t it look like cute bunny ears?

As the best accessory for leisure and vacation, silk scarves have soared to new heights after matching swimsuits, which can be seen from the previous sets of collocations. A small piece of silk scarves surprises the whole look, so learn it quickly!

Look3: silk scarf + hair rope


In addition to using the silk scarf as a hair band, it is also a very fashionable choice to use it as a hair rope. The fluffy hair is tied into a cute ball head and tied with a brown silk scarf with black and white prints, which reminds people of a little book boy, and the cuteness comes out all at once.

The long golden wavy hair is beautiful, and this silk scarf with a little pink is a great hair rope. Tie the hair into a ponytail at will, and the silk scarf droops with the hair, and the elegant romantic elegance of the silk scarf.

The silk scarf is indeed a magical decoration, and the femininity of 5 points can be turned into 10 points with its foil. Just use a silk scarf to tie up part of your hair. This operation really uses the silk scarf as an ornament, and the silk scarf flutters in the wind, as beautiful as a picture scroll.

To be precise, this is not a silk scarf, but rather a ribbon. This plain, even a little old ribbon itself is inconspicuous, and will not even be tied around the neck, but it is tied to a half-tied ponytail, but it is perfect. It is simple and clean, which makes people shine.

Look4: silk scarf + belt


Surely my friends should have seen a lot of ways to tie a silk scarf on the waistband, right? But have you ever seen one on a skirt? I didn’t expect it, on this pink plaid dress, a large retro-printed square scarf is tied into The belt became the most dazzling presence in the entire look.

The style of the swimsuit is very simple and clean. Even looking at this swimsuit alone, it can be said to be quite simple, but after a silk scarf is tied on the waist, it is completely different at once. The silk scarf itself is very romantic and has a perfect embellishment effect. With a simple swimsuit, it can also make this sexy more obvious.

Look5: silk scarf + other uses


On the beach, the most common collocation is the combination of a swimsuit and a long square scarf. It is a temptation to put a long silk scarf on or around the waist outside a sexy swimsuit. This is different from the small silk scarf with the starting point decoration in the front, the long silk scarf can play the role of overall matching.

In addition to directly decorating a certain part of the body, silk scarves may also decorate some accessories around you. Tie the cotton silk scarf to the handle of the rattan basket, which softens the hard lines of the rattan material and looks more gentle and comfortable. And silk scarves go well with many bags!

The sun hat and ribbon are also a very good match. The bow adds a girlish feel, and the elegant ribbon carries a strong youthful atmosphere. In addition to ribbons, you can also tie a silk scarf to the sun hat, which will make the hat very romantic and fresh!