How Much Is A Silk Scarf, And What Are The Factors That Affect The Price Of Silk Scarf

- Feb 06, 2021-

Generally speaking, the price of silk fabric scarves is quite large, and it is common in high-end and high-end. However, the actual price of silk fabric scarves must be based on actual conditions and cannot be generalized. The key to the price of silk fabric scarves is raw materials. If you want to actually calculate the price of a silk fabric scarf, you must determine the left and right levels.

How much does a silk fabric scarf cost? This problem is a very broad one. It must be the actual price of the actual product. Generally, the ex-factory price of a basic silk fabric scarf fluctuates around 80 yuan, just like the most common silk fabric satin. Normal machine cylinder processing technology, general clothing printing processing technology, the price including tax is around 70, excluding the cost of packaging inspection after the fact, the silk fabric scarf is a finished product, so the process flow is more, and the price verification will be more inconvenient .

People actually discuss the factors that affect the price of silk fabric scarves:

1. Raw materials, the raw material of real silk fabrics is mulberry silk, but the moisture content is in and out, the price of 100% pure mulberry silk is still very high, but the price is cheaper if it penetrates into a certain proportion of polyester cloth spandex silk.

2. Thin and thick, which mainly includes the size of the thread and the tightness of the weave. The thicker the thread, the more logical it is, the more expensive it is, the tighter the relative density, the higher the quality, and the higher the price.

3. Specifications, to put it bluntly, the larger the total area of the silk fabric scarf, the larger the area, the more raw materials are used.

4. Processing technology. The key point I am referring to is the clothing printing processing technology. What I'm talking about temporarily is water clothing printing and digital printing. The price of digital printing is slightly higher in the two, but the actual effect can be eliminated, and the starting amount will correspond. A little higher, once the pattern is diagonal, it is more inconvenient, more wearable, and the cost increases. Of course, the price of silk fabric scarves will rise.